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Our Story

Amna Ismail grew up in Karachi. Since childhood, she had been keen observer towards art, prints, color, and mediums. She exposed herself to the art of sewing and developed a keen interest in it at a very young age when she used to practice it domestically.

She didn’t let marriage stand in the way of her dreams and continued with the same passion and aura to reach her goals in opening up a small scale stitching business. Starting from a single tailor, when workload increased, new employees were hired, and her self-employed business grew into a small scale business. She gradually started to gain confidence and decided to up her game and stepped into the market knowing the challenges. Now ready to invade the world of clothing brands, she implemented her lifelong lessons and brilliance into opening up her own brand.

In 2016, in such a short period of time she launched a brand by her own name -AMNA ISMAIL, and today it’s known as one of the leading lawn brands of Pakistan.

Any questions? Let us know in store at Suit #5, 2nd floor, b-17 business chamber, state avenue SITE، A Area Karachi Pakistan or call us on (+92) 334 2118482


Our Mission

We believe in perfection and excellence to deliver quality at its best. Our main goal is to develop a network of cherishing people who spread a message of Peace. We gladly give 5% of all deals to help Human Rights. Our attire is morally made with Love and a reason for growing the human association that grasps decent variety, self-strengthening and positive vitality.